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Treasure - Online Giving and Tithing

Please click here for our online giving portal. Parishioners can make a recurring weekly or monthly offering, or make online contirbutions to a special envelope or specifc fund. One time donations are also greatly appreciated. 
Our parish can truly thrive only when our parishioners are committed to our mission of serving Christ, and that takes our devotion of time, talent, and treasure. The sacraments we offer, the ministries we run, and the opportunity to run our school and give hundreds of children the opportunity to know the most loving and supportive environment to learn in, all depend on the generous support of our parishioners. Please know how deeply grateful we are for that support - it certainly reveals God's presence among us. 
Please know that our Church is grateful for any offering a family makes, whatever the size or percentage of income. There is a long history supporting this generosity. The tradition of supporting one's church with financial means goes back to the Judeo-Christian tradition, and has been called tithing, from tithe or 10%. Our Church affirms that any financial gain we find in life is possible only because of God's grace prompting and guiding our hard work. The practice of tithing calls for returning the first 10% of what we earn to our Lord to honor His providence, grace, mercy, and love. Traditionally, 5% is shared with someone's parish and the other 5% with other deserving worldly causes.
Perhaps more importantly, the Catholic church teaches that we should tithe because it's good for the person or family tithing. Many, many spiritual writers and speakers discuss the positive effects of tithing on a person who commits to it. Many say the tithe has deeply improved their lives and opened up new peace: by seeing all as a gift from God, and opening up our hearts to a deeper and greater generosity, we can become a better version of ourselves, closer to who God made us to be. We can know a freedom, which is a peaceful detachment from the desire to possess material goods. Many find then that this frees the soul to better know spiritual goods (such prayer, faith, hope, charity), or to better know the love of God.
Interested in reading more about a Catholic approach to thinking about personal financies, including the tithe? Check out 7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free: A Catholic Guide to Managing your Money by Phil Lenahan. This is available on Amazon or through other booksellers.