Treasure - Online Giving and Tithing

Please click here for our online giving portal. Parishioners can make a recurring weekly or monthly offering, or make online contributions to a special envelope or specifc fund. One time donations are also greatly appreciated!
Please know that St. John's is grateful for any offering a family makes, whatever the size or percentage of income. The tradition of supporting one's church has Old Testament roots and was originally called tithing, from tithe or 10%. The Catholic Church affirms that any financial gain we find in life is possible only because of God's grace prompting and guiding our hard work. The practice of tithing calls for returning the first 10% of what we earn to our Lord to honor His providence, grace, mercy, and love. Traditionally, 5% is shared with someone's parish and the other 5% with other deserving worldly causes. Interested in reading more about a Catholic approach to thinking about personal finances, including the tithe? Check out 7 Steps to Becoming Financially Free: A Catholic Guide to Managing your Money by Phil Lenahan.