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Holy Communion / First Eucharist

Our Church has long affirmed that Christ performs a miracle in every mass and becomes physically present in the bread, which becomes His body, and the wine, which becomes His blood. This teaching originally came to us from Christ Himself who taught us that we are to receive his body and blood to in order to have life within us, part of how God wants us to know His great love for us (see John, chapter 6). 
Communion is offered as a part of every Catholic mass. Preparing for First Communion or First Eucharist involves a year of ongoing formation for 2nd graders, offered in our school's religion classes or through our Religious Education program. For anyone seeking this sacrament after this time in their lives, our Chruch offers RCIC for children or RCIA for adults. Standing for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (or Adults, respectively), these refer to the Catholic Church's formal program of preparation to receive this sacrament and the other sacraments of initiation, if needed (these sacraments refer to Baptism, First Eucharist, and Confirmation).
Questions on how to enroll your child in preparation for Holy Communion or how to engage in RCIC or RCIA? We're here to help! Just call any parish staff member at 493-4553 for more information.