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Become a Parishioner / Register

New to the Catholic Faith or new to New Haven? Registering as a parishioner is easy. Please simply call our Director of Religious Education, Mrs. Kelly Mouch, who will provide you with our registration form. She may be reached at 260-493-4553. This form is also available below.
If you are new to our faith, welcome! Becoming a parishioner means you identify St. John's as your spiritual home base, as your place of worship and in growing in your journey with Christ. All Catholic parishes work to support their parishioners through sacraments, prayer, and ministries, and ask simultaneously for their parishioners' support in giving of their time, talent, and treasure. Please see our "support" tab for more on this teaching. 
We hope to see you at Mass or at one of our ministries soon. May God bless you!